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Revamping a Business

Revamping a Business

So it finally happened; we’ve been pushing the brand Lockdown Cocktail Club for a while now.

We started in Lockdown, it’s where we were born and we started a love of cocktails that can be shared with as many as were interested, AND you can have them from the comfort of your living room.


Lockdown has been over for a while, which is a great thing, but for us we’re just not getting the traction anymore as no-one wants to think about, never mind type into google “Lockdown Activities to do that involve drinking”


We finally agreed we have to change the name, change how we do things and I’d love to share it with all of you; both previous customers and supporters and new quizzical cocktail minds alike.


So, to all you lovely people out there, we introduce you to:




Yes, we’re Unlocked out of said Lockdown BUT we’re also using our combined 2 Decades of hospitality and cocktail experience to bring you something new. We’ve been quiet and behind the scenes working on Batched Bottle Cocktails that can be simply poured over ice to bring you a Bar Quality cocktail in your living room, at a festival, at your home bar, party, in that local pizza place or pub that doesn’t have the room or time or training for cocktails.


We want to give you the people good drinks but also; something very close to our hearts, we want to help Hospitality. 


The government and the general state of things means that small businesses are getting CRUSHED! I’ve worked for several of them and its just not even funny or fair, lovely wonderful people providing a great service, great beer, great food and a great respite for the weary traveller; those who want to read a book, work on their laptop, have a business meeting or torrid love affair. (ok maybe that last one was a bad example but I see it happen) 


I worked for a bar thats energy bills went from £7000 a year to £80,000 a year… and they had to lock in at that price or it was going to go to £100,000 a year in 6 months…. how in gods name does that make sense for a small brunch spot that does great service… If we’re not careful we’re going to end up as a country of Wetherspoons… of course no offence to… actually loads of offence, I’m fairly confident in Dante’s Inferno one of the circles of hell was just several Wetherspoons one after the other that you could never find the toilet in.


But I digress.


We're also working with Manchester Artist Georgia Noble (Granted she is from Blackpool however; don't judge her too harshly); an incredible talent who has graciously agreed to plaster her glorious artwork all over our bottles. Her oil paintings of "Abstract Landscapes" (an enticing contradiction in itself) are simply wondrous to behold. And on a personal level, she is a lovely, kind, talented beautiful human being who I've had the pleasure of working with over the years. By all means, check her out here:

The point of all this is, if we can get small business to have easy pour out cocktails that rival the top cocktail bars (bars that I’ve worked in by the way), art galleries able to pour out the finest of libations whilst perusing undiscovered masterpieces with minimal space, minimal training and minimal effort required;

Great people such as yourselves can get the phenomenal drink you want, anywhere… how can that be bad?

We need to pull together and help out the little guy right? Do things a bit different but get the same outcome?

Well, thats our heart on our sleeve view and the dream we build towards,

So in summary:


  • Bar Quality Batch Cocktails
  • Delivery across the UK
  • Helping Hospitality wherever we can
  • Supporting local artist and loving the fine art of talented individuals
  • Festivals, Makers Markets and Events
  • And last but not least, a Community and a “Club”, if you will, of lovers of fine cocktails that EVERYONE can enjoy together


I hope you like this new direction, we hope it finds you well and we’d LOVE your feedback with it all.


Much love

From James and Catniss


… Actually...

From Unlocked Libation.

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