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Locked-In Cocktail Events

After we were set loose we were hardly surprised to hear people asking us to bring the party to them… quite literally. After a couple of test runs we set up Locked-In Cocktail events. 

Birthdays, Dinner Parties, Work Do’s, anything really, and pretty much anywhere. 

The Barman will turn up to you and yours, with cocktails catered to you and we’ll all make them together.

A masterclass in cocktails whilst you drink every one you make? Sounds good to me; it also sounds good to Monzo, we have it on record e elevated they’re Christmas party to the max.


We even do Weddings - We have special wedding offers, where we can make bespoke batch cocktails themed after the Bride & Groom, Groom & Groom, Bride and Bride, and any combination in between! Custom made cocktails for you with personalised names, recipe cards (a nice memento for the day) all set up for you on the day to make the pre-speech jitters evaporate. Even a little wedding favour tipple, we have you covered. 


Send us your enquiry below, how many people? what’s the event? what are you thinking? 

We’re happy to have a chat with anyone and accommodate your request. Lets have some fun to make your special day even more special.

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